Can lice treatment chemicals cause seizures?

When you get the call that your child might have head lice, your first inclination might be to run to your nearest drug store to pick up an over-the-counter lice removal product. And while, the word “chemicals” swirls in your brain, and you think you will probably google some organic treatments (more on that, later), you also really just want those buggers gone, baby gone. But the lice treatments at the store been around for decades, you’ve seen them in the hair aisle, you assume (and dread) that this is your best solution.

Traditional OTC lice removal products are not the answer.

First, these head lice treatments have lost their efficacy due to “super lice,” the newest generation of nits and lice that have grown resistant to pyrethrins and pyrethroids, the insecticides commonly found in lice treatments. Secondly, these neurotoxins, which are intended to stun the neuro system of lice bugs can cause seizures in children since they are absorbed through their skin, via the scalp, and enter our blood stream, leading to a neurotoxic effect (localized hives, speech regression, seizures).

So now you’re thinking about pesticide-free options such as olive oil, mayonnaise, petroleum jelly, garlic and egg yolks.

These DIY home remedies for lice removal are not the answer either.

Not only are they not guaranteed rid head lice, but they are extremely messy (understatement), time-consuming, and require many repeat treatments over the course of days and weeks following the lice outbreak.

So, what is the answer to getting rid of head lice?

The best lice removal treatment is to seek out a lice professional who can remove lice safely, effectively and permanently. Search “lice removal near me” and look for a professional lice clinic. The process takes 30 minutes to an hour, when all is said and done, and most lice clinics will guarantee their services. No pesticides, no health risks, no messy treatments, no return of lice.

If you are in the Denver metro area, Centennial Colorado Springs or Evergreen, the staff at Lice & Easy Colorado are happy to answer questions on the phone or bring in your entire family for head checks.