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Lice Prevention

Can lice treatment chemicals cause seizures?

When you get the call that your child might have head lice, your first inclination might be to run to your nearest drug store to pick up an over-the-counter lice removal product. And while, the word “chemicals” swirls in your brain, and you think you will probably google some organic treatments (more on that, later),…

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Do organic treatments for lice really work?

You get the call – your child has lice. Now what? Don’t panic. First, recognize that contracting lice has nothing to do with personal hygiene or cleanliness. Lice feed off the blood of a human scalp, regardless of whether the hair or head is dirty or clean. And while they are itchy and burdensome, they…

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Effective and proven ways to prevent lice

That four-letter word that can make parents, school nurses and teachers especially squirm: lice. Head lice infestation, which has become as prevalent as the common cold, infects an estimated six to 12 million children ages 3 to 11 each year in the US. First, you should be aware of some lice facts that will hopefully ease some…

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Local CO Lice Removal Clinic Named Colorado Parent Favorite

Colorado Parent Magazine, which has been a parent resource for more than 30 years named Lice & Easy a “2017 Family Favorite.” More than 11,000 votes were tallied across all categories, including the best of family travel, sports & fitness, education, family fun, lessons and camps, services and shopping, food and drink, pregnancy and baby, me time,…

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