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Scientific American: Revenge of the Super Lice

Overexposure to insecticides has bred resistance in the parasites, making it harder than ever to treat infestation By Karen Weintraub | Scientific American June 2017 Issue Karen Sokoloff finds a certain satisfaction in picking lice off a person’s scalp, smoothing olive oil into the hair strands and carefully pulling a metal comb through them to…

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How to clean the house once you find lice

When you discover that your children have head lice, you might go into a tailspin, obsessively trying to clean your home to prevent any further infestation. Relax! Lice feed off blood and cannot subsist when not on a scalp. They cannot camp out on bedding, flooring or on stuffed animals. Not only is it unlikely…

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How to kill lice quickly, easily and stress-free

While well-intended friends and a healthy Google search will provide many ways to kill lice – from store-bought solutions to all-natural elixirs to DIY remedies, the absolute best way to nix those buggers is a quick 30-minute session at a lice removal clinic. By going to a clinic, parents can also achieve peace of mind;…

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